The Tribal Public Health Conference is excited to present our Indigenous Chef Series featuring dynamic, interactive virtual cooking demonstrations by Andrea Murdoch, Claudia Serrato, and North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS).

Indigenous chef series: Tues, April 19 · 11:30 – 12:30 PM

Andrea Murdoch
Combining Multiple Worlds and creating dishes to celebrate indigenous cultures

Organization: Founder of Four Directions Cuisine, LLC
Indigenous Affiliations: Andean Venezuelan—San Cristobal, Venezuela

Chef Andrea Murdoch is an Andean Native born in Caracas Venezuela.  Murdoch is using food to trace her own culture while educating the public about the expansive world of Indigenous food systems. After being classically trained as a pastry chef at The Culinary Institute of America, Murdoch started exploring Indigenous flavors and origins independently for her business Four Directions Cuisine, LLC which launched in Denver, CO November 2017.

The four main pillars of her business are sourcing locally, sourcing Indigenously, education and community work.  In Murdoch’s interpretation of Indigenous cuisine, she starts cultural conversations and serves up her personal experiences in the form of food.

About Andrea Watch Video

Indigenous chef series: Wed, April 20 · 11:30 – 12:30 PM

Claudia Serrato
Gathering and Empowering Women of Color Chefs, Cooks, and Food Warriors

Organization: Co-founder of Across Our Kitchen Tables 

Claudia Serrato is an Indigenous culinary anthropologist, a public scholar, a doctoral candidate, and a professor of ethnic studies.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California predominantly on a P’urhépecha, Huasteca, and Zacateco diet. At an early age, she began to cook alongside her elders, gaining time-tested food knowledge.

Claudia centered these knowledges in her academic studies, arriving to the conclusion in 2007 that decolonizing the diet was essential to the survival of Indigenous foods and foodways.

This granted her numerous opportunities to present, speak, publish, and facilitate workshops in her community, educational institutions, and conferences gaining national and public recognition.

In addition, since 2014 Claudia has been actively involved in the Native food justice and sovereignty movement and has been cooking alongside prominent Indigenous chefs at cultural food gatherings, summits, and pop-ups throughout Turtle Island (North America).

About Claudia Watch Video

Indigenous chef series: Thurs, April 21 · 11:30 – 12:30 PM

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS)
Promoting Indigenous Foodways Education and Facilitating Indigenous Food Access

Organization: NāTIFS
Co-founder: Chef Sean Sherman, founder/CEO of The Sioux Chef

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS), founded by James Beard award winners The Sioux Chef, is dedicated to addressing the economic and health crises affecting Native communities by re-establishing Native foodways. We imagine a new North American food system that generates wealth and improves health in Native communities through food-related enterprises.

NāTIFS has opened the Indigenous Food Lab in the Midtown Global Market on historic Lake Street in Minneapolis. The Indigenous Food Lab is a professional Indigenous kitchen and training center covering all aspects of food service; research and development; Indigenous food identification, gathering, cultivation, and preparation; and all components of starting and running a successful culinary business based around Native traditions and Indigenous foods.

Reclamation of ancestral education is a critical part of reversing the damage of colonialism and forced assimilation, and food is at the heart of this reclamation. NāTIFS will drive sustainable economic empowerment and prosperity into tribal areas through a reimagined North American food system that also addresses the health impacts of injustice.

About NāTIFS Watch Video

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