Exhibitor registration for the TPHC2022 virtual exhibitor hall is now open!
Exhibitor registrations must be received through the online form by 11:59 PM CT on April 1, 2022.
If you submit an Exhibitor registration after the deadline, it will not be accepted for review.

Virtual Exhibitor Hall

Tribal Public Health Conference 2022 exhibitors will have several options to interact with attendees from all across Indian Country through the virtual exhibitor hall. Our conference committees will work closely with our exhibitors to ensure your virtual booth is setup to drive maximum traffic and generate leads more easily than at an in-person conference.

To help encourage visits to the virtual exhibitor hall during the conference, announcements (push notifications) will be sent to all attendees throughout the conference. We’ve also gamified interaction with our exhibitors through the Exhibitor Passport Contest (where attendees get a “stamp” for engaging with the virtual booths). The Exhibitor Passport Contest will have a dedicated time on the 2022 Agenda each day from 9–10 AM CST to allow for live streaming interaction between the exhibitors and attendeees.

Virtual Booth Information:

  • Virtual Booth Fees – $250.00 for 3 days (non-refundable)
  • Additional information will be sent with details on how to set up the virtual booth once exhibitor registration is complete

Virtual Booth Includes:

  • Organization logo
  • Link to organization website
  • Adding video URL, live streaming link, company information, promotional offers, and up to 2 documents
  • Adding fellow colleagues to help manage the booth (Please note they must already be registered for the conference)
  • Lead generation and prize giveaways via the Exhibitor Passport Contest (Will be a dedicated time on the agenda to support this)
Example: Virtual Exhibitor Booth in Whova

Virtual Exhibitor Booth

At your virtual exhibitor booth, you can display your logo, contact information, photos, files and documents much like you would at any in-person event. The virtual booth can effectively help you capture leads through promotions and offers where attendees can easily give you their contact information to participate, and you’ll immediately receive their information and be able to follow up through private messaging or group chat.

In addition to being able to upload pre-recorded video, you can also host live video streaming where attendees can interact with your organization during the dedicated agenda time from 9–10 AM CST.

Whova Exhibitor Guide and Faq

Click on the Whova Exhibitor Guide for step-by-step instructions and a video walkthrough to help build your booth, tips for interacting with attendees, and gathering leads in a virtual environment.

To upload a video, does it matter how long the video is?
We recommend uploading your video to a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo and adding the link to your booth. This method of using a video in your virtual booth doesn’t take up video storage on Whova.

For our virtual booth, do we only select one day/time during the conference and how long do we have for our live streaming presentation?
Every morning of the conference from Tuesday, April 19 – Thursday, April 21, we have allocated 9–10AM CST specifically for the Exhibitor Passport Contest. This one-hour time each morning would be when you would need to set up for your live stream and will be the time you should plan to be available at your booth (logged into your live stream at your computer).

Are we allowed to use an alternative live streaming platform like WEBEX instead of Zoom?
If you use Zoom, Youtube, or Vimeo, it will embed in your booth—meaning the video/livestream will be visible when viewing the booth. If you use something outside of those services, it will have a link button on your booth that redirects the attendee to your platform of choice.

Exhibitor Passport Contest: Does our organization need to do anything for this?
You, the exhibitor, won’t need to do anything on your end. We will set the requirements on our end before the Whova app launch date of April 11th, 2022.

Click on the image to view the Whova Exhibitor Guide

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