Dear 2022 honored guests and attendees, 

Our Tribal Public Health Conference 2022 theme, Community: Rising to a Changing Public Climate, aptly describes our experiences living through a global pandemic. For the past two years, our tribal communities have had to adapt, adjust, and rise to the challenges of a constantly changing public health climate brought about by the pandemic; yet the challenges presented opportunities for serving in innovative and creative ways. The challenges also provided opportunities to listen to our communities and respond to their needs. We at Southern Plains Tribal Health Board have had to do the same. We have been adapting, adjusting, listening, and responding, so we can continue to serve our tribal communities and partners in ways consistent with our core values of servant leadership, accountability, respect, innovation, excellence, and integrity. 

As part of our commitment to “rise to a changing public health climate,” we will be switching our 2022 Tribal Public Health Conference from a hybrid (combination of in-person and virtual presentations) to a completely virtual conference. Due to the ongoing global pandemic and the uncertainty that accompanies it, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our tribal communities and partners; a virtual conference allows us the best opportunity to attain this priority. Rest assured: you can still expect the same high standard that is synonymous with SPTHB conferences. Our Tribal Public Health Conference 2021 was our first-ever virtual conference, and, based on the attendance and feedback, it was a success. We expect our Tribal Public Health Conference 2022 to be just as, or even more, successful.

Save the date: April 19-22, 2022, and register at  We look forward to your attendance and participation, as together, as a community, we continue “rising to a changing public health climate.”