This is a visual cooking demonstration that is aimed at empowering and inspiring Native American people through traditional foods education, and increased knowledge of basic cooking skills. It is important for people to understand the basics of culinary arts, and incorporate basic cooking strategies to improve the overall nutrient content of foods. It uses traditional Native American foods and incorporates them into contemporary food dishes. It is very important to teach how, and why, incorporating basic nutrition education into every day meals can assist with overall health and wellness. The overall goal of the presentation is to help participants focus on healthy portion sizes and cook with whole foods; showing how to make healthy food taste good and look good within a tight budget. Indigenous foods are a path to health and a way for us to recover our communities. Healing is the most important ingredient in Native American cooking. It is my hope this presentation will encourage and inspire creativity and imagination with the food our people prepare and eat, helping them to achieve a better tomorrow. It is my hope that traditional foods will become the everyday foods for Native Americans again.
Learning Objectives:
  • Increase knowledge of basic cooking skills, and cooking with whole foods
  • Understand basic cooking strategies to improve the overall nutrient content of foods
  • Increase ability to incorporate traditional Native American foods (corn, beans, squash, wild rice) into contemporary dishes