American Indians (AI) have higher rates of obesity-related chronic disease which can be influenced by the 5210 concept. The OKCIC conducted a community needs assessment of the 5210 concept via widespread survey. Participants included adult and pediatric patients and OKCIC employees. Outcomes showed high rates of sugar-sweet beverage (SSB) consumption and screen time and low rates of fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity. Subsequent interventions included targeted marketing and education events. Post analysis showed an improvement in SSB consumption, physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption. As a result of community needs assessment and subsequent intervention, OKCIC adjusted and strengthened policies to include standards for healthy employee meals/snacks, increased water service and daily paid physical activity time.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review process and implementation of community assessment
  • Review outcomes of community assessment
  • Discuss interventions and policy change based on community assessment