Native HOPE is a culture and resilience based curriculum developed by Native PRIDE and endorsed by tribal leaders and federal agencies as an effective prevention-intervention program for youth and adults that addresses suicide prevention and the related risk factors including substance abuse, violence-bullying prevention, depression and coping with stress-trauma. The training is delivered in a 3-day retreat for up to 150 participants. A 1-day training of trainers is suggested to prepare adults to assist with the delivery of the training (4-days total). The process utilizes peer-counseling (youth helping youth) and includes comprehensive follow-up, e.g. establishing youth councils, starting talking circles, and sponsoring ongoing prevention activities. The curriculum includes a trainer and participant manual, as well as, DVD for training of trainers.This program is highly effective.
Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will experience a culture and resilience based curriculum that focuses on suicide prevention and the related risk factors.
  • Participants will strengthen their personal wellness.
  • Participants will acquire strategies to replicate the curriculum in their communities.
  • Participants will strengthen their facilitation and group process skills