ACA Marketplace health insurance plans remain available throughout 2018 (and likely 2019), providing an useful option for coverage with both physical and mental health benefits. New analysis shows that many Tribal individuals and families at low income are eligible for $0 monthly premiums in Oklahoma, along with the $0 deductible/$0 out of pocket special protections of “zero cost-share” Tribal plans. The financial focus on reimbursement from an insurance company versus limited Purchased and Referred Care (PRC) funds will be discussed. Adapting national AI/AN messages about health and insurance plans to be Oklahoma-specific will be important for expanding enrollment beyond the approximately 10,000 Tribal Nation members in Oklahoma currently with Marketplace health insurance plans.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identifying Tribal Members who may benefit from a Marketplace plan and understanding Marketplace application system
  • Discovering which cultural messages motivate health provider visits and insurance plan sign-ups
  • Understanding the financial system of health insurance costs and benefits