Raging stress calls for RADICAL RESILIENCE! We are living in days when we are constantly bombarded with overwhelming community and worldwide events and demands on our time- often leaving us with feelings of fatigue, anxiety, uncertainty, irritability, burn out, busy-ness, lethargy and marginal self- care practices. Our entire being – body, mind and spirit -is screaming for attention and nurturing! Can you really DO LESS and HAVE MORE? YES! This is the perfect workshop experience to help you move from “stressed out”, “burned out”, “overwhelmed”, and “too busy” to saying “YES!” again to what matters most in life, AND help those you serve do the same. This workshop is designed for both personal growth and professional development through learning and applying holistic approaches to stress management and self-care. If you are a busy professional or caregiver of any sort, give your SELF what you give to others every day. While nourishing your own body, mind and spirit, you will learn and experience The Art of Self-Health which includes simple integrative skills and practices for increasing energy, effectiveness, enjoyment, and resilience to STRESS.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn ways of personal empowerment for POSITIVE CHANGE -through SELF-AWARENESS, PRESENCE, MINDFULNESS, and gentle MOVEMENT.
  • Awaken and nourish the spirit of your “inner healer” through seven energy centers (chakras) and seven dimensions of well-being.
  • Learn and practice simple skills that enhance self-awareness, self-love, and effectiveness in communication both personally and professionally.
  • Learn ways of honoring your heart’s desire when creating your life, relationships, and day to day environment for optimal energy, effectiveness and healthy life balance.
  • Laugh, have fun, and be well-nourished…body, mind and spirit!